SATYAKAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL premier educational institution of Nagjua. In SATYAKAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, the curriculum has been so framed, that the individual child is the core of the whole programme. An atmosphere of relaxed, easy human relationship between the children and the teachers pervades the class room. The children are encouraged to get involved in the exciting adventure of learning experience through discussion, enquiry and experimentation.
The features that set the School Academics apart are :

  • Co-educational with classes from I – X.
  • Commerce, Humanities and Science streams offered for education.
  • Trained and dedicated faculty.
  • Infrastructure – Smart Class facility for educational, Junior and Senior ICT Labs, Jr. and Sr. Libraries, Maths Lab, Language
    Lab, Social Studies Lab and Science Labs, Botanical garden, Art, Craft, Music rooms, Tables for Table Tennis, Spacious Auditorium and Conference


The whole curriculum put maximum emphasis on the intellectual development of the students English remains the medium of instruction but due importance is given to hindi too. Our Curriculum is mainly based on the policy to understand the child and unfold his/her capabilities special emphasis is given on spoken English with the help of audio video aids and lingual phone.


The school aims at having Co-Education facilities wherein boys & Girls will be thought together in a class under strict discipline.

Exam & Evaluation

Classes – Nursery to K.G – II:
There will be no formal examinations for the students of classes Pre-Nursery to K.G II. The report card of the children will be based on continuous assessments/evaluations done through out the year by the teachers.
Classes -I to IX
In keeping with the C.B.S.E policy which stresses on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System during the academic year, the students of Classes-I to VIII would be assessed on the CBSE pattern.
Note: For classes IX and X all the Examination rules for summative and formative assessments will be followed according to the guidelines issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi.

General Guidance for Parents / Guardians

Parents and guardians are advised to cooperated with the School in maintaining discipline decorum and help is smooth functioning by observe the following points:-

  • Parents are not allowed to visits classes or interview teachers. They are advised to see the Director / Principal in the office and throught him they may meet teir word subject teaches in needed.
  • The are required to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their children progress by work. They should check the bag of their word. To see fi any notice, invasion etc.
  • Please insure that the ideals & Punctuality, deanliness, gentlemanliness and other aspects of discipline are taken care of at home.
  • You may please provide your child with facility for morning and evening studies at home when they are there. They must be made to
    complete there home task regularly.
  • There are required to inform the School if there is a change in their address / telephone number leave for half days should be avoided as far possible for security reason.
  • For any specific medical proble, the parents must inform the school authorities prior to admission.
  • The parent’s attention is drown to the falt that criticism of a teacher of the school in the presence of a child may cause the child to lose his/her respect for the treacher and will retard his/her progress.
  • Any communication made by the parents should be addressed to the principal.
  • Parents should sign the “Progress Report Card” and Return it to the School with in it to the school within three days. If this report is lost, a replacement will be made only after payment.

Rules & Discipline

  • All students should endeavor to keep up the hight stand and reputation of the school by excelling in fine manners and department.
  • All student are expected to be polite and courteous. They are expected to great teacher other member of staff and all the visitors
    with due respect.
  • The school maintains A discipline Register any breadth of discipline on the part of the student will be recorded in the discipline Register under Intimation to the concerned parents. If any students has more than three entries on his/hers discipline Record, he / she will be expelled from the school.
  • Every student has to attend classed regular and punctually late comers shall not be allow to attend classes except in justified case. Name of the students continuously absent for 15 dates shall be struck of from school rolls. Re-admission should be possible only payment of Rs. 500/- As readmission fee with all other dues.
  • Children should maintain per sonal cleanliness and speak in English with in the school premises.
  • Parents cannot take their children out of the school during school hours without permission of the head of the institution.
  • The school is not responsible for books, money and other articles which are lost. It is not advisable to have money or valuable articles with the child.
  • Any kind of damage to the school property will have to be made good. Student should be particularly care ful not to throw eatables, Papers etc. any where in the school premises. Basket and dust-bins especially provided for this purpose should be used. No parents are to be given to teachers.
  • All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their behavior in and outside of the school. Andy reported or observed
    objectionable conduct in or out of the school, on the part of the pupils, shall make them liable for disciplinary action.
  • Disrespect and disobedience to superiors, using abusive and obscene words and other havits or behavior considered by the school authorities as not suitable to a student, will be met with by dismissal.
  • Pupils suffering from contagious of infection diseases will not be permitted to attend the school.
  • Pupils with irregular attendance habitual idleness disobedience or misconduct are liable to be dismissed.

Application for Leave

  • Application for leave is to be submitted to the head of the institution and sanction obtained in advance. Leave during the examination period is not granted.

Faculty Members

We believe that the qualified teachersare only facilitators who awaken in the child, a natural curiosity and desire for knowledge. Excellence in academics is the ultimate goal wherein children turn out to be confident, competent citizens who can be ambassadors of this vast country. The school follows the Regular Comprehensive form of evaluating students (RCE) who are in a stress free environment and can learn at ease. Learning is by doing and great care is taken to see that the mission is transacted in teaching. SIS is also known for its:

  • Ideal Student Teacher ratio.
  • Committed to the cause of learning.
  • Student friendly Trained and experienced faculty.
  • Child centric Pedagogy.

With extensive teaching experience each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar and an expert in his or her own field. Teachers plan their lessons in great detail and well in advance. Seminars and workshops for teachers are a regular feature in faculty development. Teachers understand that every child learns differently. Effort is taken to identify the learner and teaching them the way they can learn.