Smart Class

Smart classes use all interactive modules like videos and presentations. In fact, smart classes are almost like watching movies as sometimes, animated visuals are used to teach a point. This kind of visual is both eye-catching and young students can easily relate with them. Smart Classes improves teaching effectiveness and eases administrative tasks by providing teachers with the easy to use tools. In fact, a smart class enables rich collaboration between the school administration, students, teachers and parents.

Today’s children are called digital natives as they are born and brought up in an environment surrounded by mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. They learn by watching videos on Youtube, enjoy audio-visual communication modes and have limited attention spans.Smartclass creates a holistic learning environment that makes learning an engaging and interesting process.

Smart class is a path breaking revolution that has transformed the way of teaching and learning. Educational videos from Eureka and Discovery Channel are also available for teachers to use during teaching. Smart Class two days in a week or as per the class time table.

Computer Lab

Feeling the intense Necessity of computer education in this modern age, the school management ahs decided to Equip this faculty with computers system even for tiny-tots from the beginning so as to make them keep abreast with the passage of the modern era.
SATYAKAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has Air Condition computer Lab equipped with 40 computers with Internet facility.”SIS first step in creating a computer profit center would be to re-name the computer lab the communications center or e-hub“, We stock the room with a mixture of all types of electronic Students working in the lab would design, create, and maintain all the school’s communication needs”. Those would include the school Web site, newsletters, parent flyers, multimedia presentations, holiday greetings, family enhancement programs, and special communication projects.


The School infra-structure has included to it a library hall which is greatly enriched with various sorts of book based on fable, science and moral values. The study of these books proves to be much more Beneficial to the moral development and increment in G.K. As well as History.
School libraries help prepare students to live and learn in a world of information. The mission of school libraries is to ensure that students and staff are able to use ideas and information. The libraries provide access to materials in all formats. They help increase students’ interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas. Research shows that a school library with the right staffing, funding, and a rich collection of books has a positive impact on students.

Hostel Facility

To transport children (To & fro) from their residence point of the school, the school provides a fleet of well maintained buses near by trained and responsible drivers under the guidance of school teachers. In case, the school bus / vehicle does not reach in time due to mechanical breakdown of illness of the drivers, parents are requested to make alternative arrangement. The school bus while collecting the children will not wait if a child is not ready. Parents should keep their words ready so that no delay is caused to the bus. Parents should not deliver fees or other articles through the bus driver.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

An important characteristic of SATYAKAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is that, it has an assumption that good education can be derived from playing sports.The campus has provision for basketball, throw ball, hockey, table tennis, table foot ball, foot ball, cricket ground, badminton, pool table, roller skating, gymnastics, swimming (for kids), and facilities for athletics and track events.

Every student at SATYAKAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL undergoes a general fitness programme that includes Yoga and physical training classes.
The talent of each student is identified and looked after, and students are given opportunities to stand out, and join the school sports team. Apart from organizing inter-school and inter-house competitions, the school takes part in state and national level sports events.

Arts & Craft

Art is a popular subjects to encourage individuals to explore and develop their cretive potential. The art room in the School has excellent faclility for painting, pottery,sculpture and fabric design. Special teachers ,staff in the arts departments work through the week so that the students may visit whenever they wish and embark on large scale pieces.

Foe reching trining is in clined to the students in different section of fine arts like Clay, Modeling, Fancy art, Bonsai art etc .

Conference Hall

The conference Hall on the ground floor is a specially furnished room where all important meetings, management meetings, welcoming of celebrity figures and guests take place. The Hall is used as a venue for a variety of activities, ranging from educational and careers based seminars and lectures, book exhibitions, to creative and fun activities.

The raised stage area allows guests to offer presentations and speeches and is used for visiting lecturers.  Equipment including a laptop with internet access, a projector, a DVD and video player is provided to support educational activities.  In addition, these facilities are made available to classes during the academic year so students can develop their presentation and oral skills in professional surroundings.  With specialized lighting, the area also acts as a permanent exhibition area for student artwork.


The School Provides a very tight system of security through “Security Guard”

Sing & Dance

Music: This department altively encourages the students to their talent & provide them with the experience of playing with a large ensemble. The school also encourage these young talents to participate in competitions to prove their ability in this field. Indian, classical & western music is taught to the students. The Paradigm of the instrumental and vocal is marvelous at the school.
Dance: Student are trained for classical falk and western dance. The participate vehementy is various competitions and achieve crowning glories for the institution.

Marshal Arts

School can be a challenging environment for some students. Kids have to succeed academically, while learning plenty of life lessons, juggling extracurricular activities, and dealing with new challenges they’ve never faced before.

Martial arts schools can teach many of the skills required to succeed in school. We’re not solely looking at academic performance, as conflict avoidance, working well with others, and respecting others and oneself are some of the many essential traits acquired from martial arts training. Here are our top ten benefits of martial arts for stud Children at our training sessions are taught that Karate is more a defensive and not an offensive martial art. Martial Arts training will make them strong but at the same time they should be good at heart and should help one another and create a good environment, learn to be polite and respect their parents, teachers, elders and fellow students. Hence they learn the etiquette and manners of Budo (Martial arts). ents.

Medical Asssitance

The Satyakam International School takes issue of well being of its students very seriously. SIS has qualified physician on campus to take care of the students and especially the boarders whenever the need arise. The students are treated by able physician at the hostel in case of any medical issue.

SIS is careful about the safety and well being of each and every student and takes no chance when it comes to these issues. We understand the worries and tension that the parents / guardians of any child who is staying in hostel regarding the well being of their children. SIS is as much concerned as the parents and guardians of each and every student studying in the institute.


Yoga for our students show the way of leave pease, wisdom and the union of mind and body.